Luna Yoga - the gentle way to body awareness and joy

With Luna Yoga, women of all ages can strengthen their holistic health.

The movements and meditative elements provide a gentle way to body awareness, vitality and fertility. Due to the positive influence on the hormone balance, these techniques are particularly suitable for children.


What is Yoga and what effect does it have?

Luna Yoga combines traditional methods of the ancient Indian philosophies Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga with modern body therapy methods. Aviva Steiner, a physiotherapist from Israel, developed a special exercise program in the 1970s.

Based on the style of Hatha Yoga, Luna Yoga today is a combination of movement, breathing control and relaxation. With the newly inspired body art, you can reduce stress, relieve everyday ailments, increase your appetite for life and encourage creativity. In particular, Luna Yoga exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor and to sensitize the perception of body signals.

The gentle healing method especially gives women the opportunity to harmonize their cycle, to regulate the hormones and to stimulate self-healing. Luna Yoga for menopause, pregnancy or puberty - in every stage of life, the techniques accompany women with various ailments and train the handling of natural cycles.


Not only the fertility of women can be favored by Luna Yoga, also in men the sperm vitality should improve. You long to wish a child? Luna Yoga is often practiced to promote pregnancy. Some of the positive effects are:

  • Inspire Creator Spirit

  • Increase fertility

  • Balance mood lows

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

  • Arouse a love of life and body awareness

  • reduce stress

Where can I find a Luna Yoga guide?


At the core of the Luna Yoga exercises are the sexual organs and the pelvic area. As in Chakra Yoga, the intimacy, sensuality and emotions of the sacral chakra should be stimulated positively. Especially women help Luna Yoga, to release creative blockages, to release life energies and to understand the signals of the body.


Do you suffer from negative side effects of menopause? For the menopause Luna Yoga is a helpful method to harmonize the hormonal imbalance and to refresh the body. In case of menstrual problems the gentle yoga practice has a relaxing and relaxing effect.


Luna Yoga is a great way to practice at home. Especially for beginners videos with quiet yoga units are recommended, describing the breathing techniques, postures and movements understandable. Simple Luna Yoga exercises include the position of the child. They sit on their heels, bending each time they exhale so far forward that their foreheads touch the yoga mat.


Pay attention to the free flow of breathing deep into the abdomen. Using Luna Yoga to promote pregnancy on fertility or help with menopausal symptoms? With the healing body art, you can be whole and be a woman.

Who has Luna Yoga experience?


If you are looking for someone who can authentically teach you Luna Yoga exercises, experienced yoga teachers and yoga coaches will be a valuable help. Trained yoga experts have extensive knowledge of the principles of the philosophical system. A competent teacher for Luna Yoga, but also for Raja Yoga or Kundalini Yoga guides the practitioner with gentleness, mindfulness and respect.


Yoga teachers and coaches often come from professions in psychology, physiotherapy, dance therapy or pedagogy, but also spiritual counselors work as teachers. Would you like to live through menopause with Luna Yoga or practice the yoga style when you want to have children? Do you want easier access to your spirituality? Especially in the field of esotericism you can meditate on meditation coaches, yoga teachers, angel media or energy workers around the topic Luna Yoga:

  • Tips for relaxation techniques

  • Focus goals

  • Solve creative blocks

  • Find personal meditation mantra

  • Bring balance into everyday life

  • Get recommendations for Luna Yoga exercises


Is there also a Luna Yoga manual on the phone?


Do you want to invite pregnancy with Luna Yoga? Counteract premenstrual symptoms? Or strengthen your overall health? At Questico, you will receive instructions by phone or chat to practice effective Luna Yoga exercises.


Specialists in various forms of yoga from Bhakti Yoga to Kriya Yoga to Karma Yoga support you with versatile gifts. They give easy-to-understand instructions for movements and respiratory movements.


Whether menopausal complaints or unfulfilled desire for children - in many life situations, a sensitive spiritual Luna Yoga consultation is a great help for mental and physical balance. Questico provides 15 minutes of free advice by phone or chat for new customers.


Contact a fortuneteller, fortune teller or clairvoyant specialized in yoga and meditation without any obligation. Request your free telephone or online consultation with just a few clicks and choose your personal advisor. Learn more about the soothing effects of Luna Yoga, let yourself be inspired with confidence.


Do you want to know more about Luna Yoga? Call one of our experienced counselors and learn this fascinating form of yoga. -> Call a consultant now

Baba Wanga: Blind Prophetess from Bulgaria

The blind prophetess of Bulgaria

The life of the blind clairvoyant from Bulgaria

The Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Wanga is said to have announced the tsunami on Thailand's coast and the terrorist organization IS. Their prophecies concern the present and extend far into the future.

Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Wanga, who died in 1996, was good for people, although she often reported sad things. Her prophecies made Petritsch's prophet so famous that Bulgaria's King Boris III. used their services. Many of the predictions are bizarre, but have an unusually high hit rate. Who was Baba Wanga? How did the blind prophet live? And where did their visions come from?



Who was the clairvoyant of the Balkans?


Baba Wanga (Baba = grandmother), whose real name is Pandewa Guschterow Dimitrowa, is considered to be the most famous clairvoyant in Bulgaria, who worshiped people as living saints. The blind prophetess was born on January 31, 1911 in Macedonia and died on August 11, 1996 in Sofia. Baba Wanga made predictions far beyond her death. According to the clairvoyant Wanga, Europe is doomed by an Islamic war. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001 are said to have predicted the blind prophetess.

According to her niece, the seer's parents were poor peasants. Baba Wanga's mother died early while her father became involved in the Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). After the family returned to their father's home village, Nowo Selo, Baba Wanga was seriously injured in a sandstorm, gradually lost her eyesight despite medical treatment, and went blind at the age of 16. This terrible event is said to have triggered her visionary experiences.


How did Baba Wanga receive the first messages?


When she was 30, the blind prophet Baba Wanga met a radiant horseman in 1941 who told her about terrible future events. Baba Wanga reported this first message publicly. The vision was confirmed when the German Wehrmacht marched into what was then Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941 and also made Macedonia a victim of war. During this time, psychic Wanga sent messages to family members about the whereabouts of her fathers and sons who fought in the war.

When her visionary skills became more and more known, members of the Bulgarian garrison visited Baba Wanga. The communist government banned divination after the Second World War. It was only at the beginning of the 1960s that senior management members turned back to the blind prophetess. The Bulgarian clairvoyant's predictions became more and more important because numerous politicians and important figures asked Baba Wanga for a look into the future. The Bulgarian King Boris III. she predicted the imminent death. In fact, a short while later, the king died at the age of 49.


The work of the blind prophetess


After the blind prophetess reached a high profile, she was invited to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, today one of the leading research institutions, to teach and to contribute on a scientific level. The interest in Baba Wanga's abilities was enormous, as her wartime predictions had an 80 percent hit rate. After the change of the Bulgarian regime in the 1990s, the blind prophetess built the cathedral Sveta Petka. Baba Wanga was buried in this church in 1996. In addition, a museum was built in her honor. In her homeland, the Bulgarian clairvoyant is still considered a significant seer with a big heart.


The most famous predictions of Baba Wanga


Soon, Baba Wanga also made predictions about the entire solar system, which lasted thousands of years into the future.


Some of the predicted events have already been fulfilled.


  • The melting polar caps prophesied the clairvoyant Wanga in 1950, which today shows the climatic disaster.


  • She also spoke of terrible floods, which may have been the 2004 tsunami.


  • In 1989 she saw two steel birds that would attack the United States.


Prophecies for our time


Bulgaria's most famous fortune teller has seen enormous difficulties for the European continent. In addition to the predictions of World War 3, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Wanga predicted that Europe would go under in 2016. Baba Wanga saw in her visions the transformation of large parts of Europe into deserted areas. The seer from the Balkans is also said to have predicted Donald Trump's victory. According to Baba Wanga prophecies, chaos breaks out in the United States and worldwide after Trump takes office.

According to another vision of the visionary, Donald Trump should have no chance at all to take office, which is not known to have come true - on January 20, 2017 Trump was sworn in as the 45th US President at the US Capitol in Washington. Followers of the blind fortune-teller interpret the election of the new president as a further step on the path to the demise of the world.

Particularly exciting in the prophecies for 2017 was the forecast that China should rise to the new superpower in 2018. Baba Wanga also predicted that there would be no exploitation of developing countries. Instead, poorly supplied population groups themselves become profiteers.


Which Wanga prophecies are there for the 3rd World War?


Not only in the forums of the esoteric portals, but also in the news agencies excited Baba Wangas predictions great sensation. For the end of 2016, "Grandmother Wanga" predicted the beginning of Europe's demise. Baba Wanga's prophecies contain concrete statements on the disintegration of the European continent. In addition to civil war-like uprisings, it should come to Europe in economic collapse.


What are Baba Wanga's prophecies for 2020?


On the Internet, experts and supporters of the Bulgarian seer try to establish a connection between Baba Wanga's predictions for 2020 and current global political developments. The prophecies of 2020 also reveal the devastating consequences for Europe and the world. The EU's exit from the UK in June 2016 (Brexit) is said to have been the beginning of the end.

Baba Wanga's predictions for 2020 are similar to those of previous years. Does that mean that Europe's demise is imminent? Do we have to expect a third world war in 2020? This cannot be said with certainty, especially since the predictions of the clairvoyant Wanga have also been interpreted in different ways. The fact is that the war in Syria, the ongoing refugee problem worldwide and the global economic crisis promise nothing good.


How accurate are the predictions of the Bulgarian seer?


Scientists found that Wanga's prophecies have an 85 percent hit rate. There are self-proclaimed prophets who do mischief as charlatans. These keep the forecasts for 2020 so general that the forecasts apply to almost every event. Baba Wanga apparently had strong media skills to look far into the distant future. It became internationally known for its extremely accurate forecast at the outbreak of the Second World War and the collapse of the Soviet central government. She also predicted the mysterious death of Lady Diana in August 1997. Likewise, the dictator Adolf Hitler learned of his ignominious demise in a future show with her. The blind fortune teller also carried out the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 11


"The American twins will fall after being attacked by steel birds ..."


Events such as the emergence of the terrorist organization "IS" and the tsunami in 2004 on the coast of Thailand revealed their visions to Baba Wanga. The Wanga predictions for World War 3 have so far turned out to be a wrong forecast. The seer had already predicted the apocalypse for 2010. Nuclear pollution of the northern hemisphere has not occurred despite the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

The Bulgarian seer also correctly predicted the day of her death - August 11, 1996. When asked about her talent, Baba Wanga replied that spiritual beings convey information that is not tied to space and time. The famous clairvoyant was right with many of her prophecies, with others too. Is China becoming a new world power? Is Europe threatening to perish? What predictions will come in 2020 remains to be seen. Baba Wanga's prophecies leave much room for interpretation. Ultimately, every person has to decide for himself whether he takes the alarm signals for certain events seriously or rejects.



Fulfillment of the biblical revelation


The Bulgarian seer predicts that biblical revelation will come true that Jesus Christ will return to earth. The blind prophetess describes the Son of God as the founder of eternal peace on earth who unites all religions. Baba Wanga predicts that Jesus is building a kind of world highway with extremely fast moves. It is surprising that both Baba Wangas and Nostradamus' prophecies can be linked to the goals of the Universal Peace Federation. The founder of the organization, Reverend Dr. Sun Myung, is known for his work of uniting all world religions into a "family under God".